Our business started in 1990 with the name: stan - stanfood and we have built ourexpertise and our experience ever since.

    Firstly, our company became active in the wholesale trade of spices and then in imports processing, packaging and standardization.At the same time, stanfood developed ready mixtures in powder for the production of raw materials of confectionaries and bakeries.

    The company is a family business. Expertise and a lot of work have been the key to enteringthe market with direct services, excellent quality and a great variety of products. We also follow healthy packaging practices based on C.F.B. The way of production and the processing of our products is based on the international standards of safety and quality of food (ISO 22000:2005). 

     Presently, you can find stanfood’s products at different places, such as Hotels, Caterings, Restaurants, ships, hospitals and generally, in mass-focus units in Greece and the European Union. 

    Our target is to offer quality services, to engage in the continuous development of ourproductsand to build flexible, long lasting partnerships.